"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
Leonardo da Vinci

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Eco Transporation Products

Eco Vehicles already popular in many countries around the world, are just beginning to make and impact in North America. There popularity has been growing rapidly as we become more environmentally conscious and as the price of gas and vehicle insurance seems to perpetually increase.

North Americans are now looking for alternative transportation solutions that are both environmentally responsible and operationally efficient. But there are many reasons to own an electric vehicle.

The Green House Enterprise Centre started looking at sustainable transportation solutions some time ago.
Eventually Eco Wheels was created and we started testing and evaluating various e-vehicles as they arrived on the market and admittedly there were many that fell short of our expectations. We have since scoured the planet to select the best available to include in this web site. What you see here are simple, well built, eco vehicles that represent the cream of the crop. Each one had to earn its way into our hearts and onto this web site. All these vehicles are simple and elegant personal transportation solutions that are very practical for today's world.

Eco Cars are becoming more and more of interest as we face issues like global warming and environmental and energy challenges in our modern society. Here you will find several solutions some in production and some still in prototype but all practical solutions to sustainable transportation.

Eco Trucks are quickly becoming in demand by government and corporate sectors looking for and environmental benefits and operational efficiencies. There are not many Eco Trucks on the market yet, but we have a few that are proven as practical and efficient solutions.

Eco Cycles If you like biking but not always to pedal, an electric bike could become your best friend! One of the first electric vehicles to hit the main stream the E-Bike, already popular in many countries around the world, is just beginning to make and impact in North America. With more powerful motors and 24, 36 and 48 volt systems they are quickly becoming a very practical solution to personal transportation.

Eco Scooters like a mobile easy chair what we call scooters are three and four wheel electric personal transport vehicle that are designed to operate easily on both inside and outside smooth surfaces. They are being used not only by the elderly but also for clean, quick and quiet delivery of mail and personnel in industrial corporate environments.

Eco Golf Carts we need to think about sustainability both at work and play. All these golf carts are use a clean and efficient electric drive system to transport your clubs across hill and dale of your local golf course. With a quick charge overnight you are ready to hit the links again without the exhausting experience of carrying or dragging your clubs along with you.

Eco Tractors are a perfect application for electric vehicle technologies. Their high tork and powerful tow capabilities make them ideal as both indoor and outdoor working machines. Many people do not realize that as a population we pollute our atmosphere more when we are mowing our grass then when we are driving to work! Eco Tractors solve this problem elegantly keeping our air clean and our work done.

Eco ATVs both as a work vehicle and as a recreational vehicle the silent power of electric ATV make a great deal of sense. Especially for those who appreciate how the silent operation enables one to see more wildlife and to appreciate the outdoors leaving a much smaller footprint behind.

Common Sense Solutions to every day problems, Eco Wheels are a great example of ideas in motion that help to solve both our personal and planetary problems at the same time. So take a look at all the options and choose the one that best fits your needs. Do yourself a favour, and order one today. You can have sustainable transportation delivered to your door as soon as you decide.

Stay In Touch: We are always looking for quality sustainable transportation solutions and we will bring them to this site as they become available. So bookmark this page or subscribe to our newsletter to stay in touch with what's new in sustainable transportation.


Eco Wheels is all about transportation solutions
that are tough, reliable and frugal - for now and the future.

Simple is always best.


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