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X-Country Multi Speed Electric Cycles

X-Country - Multi Speed Models

M-500 E-BikeThe New M-500 Gets Top Marks on Value! The M-500 is made by one of the world's largest builders of premium bicycles just won our coveted 5 star rating for "Best Value". If you want to ease into an exercise program, run errands or just cruise, the M-500 is a fantastic choice. With hill flattening power the M-500 uses an integrated motor and easily detachable battery to multiply your pedaling power. The power assist is strongest when you need it most adding 2.5 times your power when starting and climbing steep hills. There are no complex controls to master.
This type bike is called a Pedalec (pedal electric cycle). To understand the principle it compares to the power steering in your auto. Try parking a car with manual steering. It can really make you sweat. Now park a car with power assisted steering and you can turn the wheel with one finger!
This is what a Pedalec is all about only you are getting the power assist to the pedals with easy work for your legs. Manual auto steering vs. power steering compares to riding a manual bike vs. a pedalec. This e-cycle is an excellent transportation solution at a bargain price. At $1195 It earned the "Best in Value" award easily and a place in our showrooms. You can buy an M-500 at any of our stores.

All-New Folding Electric Assist Bicycle - Earns Top Rating For Quality
This amazing and very portable e-bike just won our 2005 Five Star Rating for "Best In Quality". Fun Cycling with Power Assist at the Flick of a Switch ...
Portable & Lightweight - Fold it up and take it wherever you go.
Ideal for RV's, Boats, Campgrounds or Condos.The Panasonic Electric Bicycle represents a new category of vehicles. This product is a unique, hybrid bicycle. It matches motor power to pedaling power, and doesn't overwhelm the rider. You can ride normally, and use the power boost for uneven terrain or long distances. It offers an exceptionally smooth, easy riding experience.

Specifically designed for people on the go, this bicycle offers the ability to fold it up and take it with you. Weighing in at 21.1 kg (46lbs), this model is ideal for RV's, Boats, Campgrounds or Condos. By winning the price in also won a place in our showroom at Eco Wheels. It costs $1995 Canadian and is available at any of our dealers.

Choose from the long-lasting, nickel cadmium battery (110 minutes recharge time) or the Nickel Metal-Hydride Battery (90 minutes recharge time). The Ni/MH battery will power the bike at 25 km/h for more than 30 km.


The new Malta and Spade are now available with 5 speeds Shimano gears. Peoples who love to pedal long distance will be able to enjoy both manual and electric assistance when needed. The paint finish is also improved, a clear coat protector is applied for a better look.

Also, this year we added the new 10 speed SPORT and 6 speed VOYAGER models.

  • The power assist electronic system allows the bike to climb up to 25° hill
  • Max. Speed 20-27 Km/h
Omni Malta with 5 speeds Shimano gears
Spade Spade with 5 speeds Shimano gears.
Sport The SPORT is lighter than the ordinary electric model: it also comes with 10 speeds Shimano gears, Heavy duty supension and “V” brakes. It fits all bicycles racks.
Voyager Voyager The foldable VOYAGER can fit easily in a car trunk. Comes with 6 speeds gears.


Available Colours



  • Malta: Dimension 24’’ and 26’’
  • Spade: Dimension 24’’
  • Sport: Dimension 26’’
  • Voyager: Dimension 20’’

Commuter - 1 Battery Models - Distance - 2 Battery Models - Classic - 1 Speed Models

Common Sense Solutions to every day problems, E-Bikes are a great example of ideas in motion that help to solve both our personal and planetary problems at the same time. So take a look at all the options and choose the one that best fits your needs. Do yourself a favour, and order one today. You can have an E-Bike delivered to your door as soon as you decide

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