"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
Leonardo da Vinci

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Eco Cycles

If you like biking but not always to pedal, an electric bike could become your best friend!

Folding E-BikeOne of the first electric vehicles to hit the main stream the E-Bike, already popular in many countries around the world, is just beginning to make and impact in North America. Its popularity has been growing rapidly as we become more environmentally conscious and as the price of gas and vehicle insurance seems to perpetually increase. North Americans are now looking for alternative transportation solutions that are both environmentally responsible and efficient. But there are many more reasons to own an electric bike. Aware of this fact we started looking at E-Bikes some time ago and we realized that though they are a good idea all E -Bikes are not created equal.

We started testing various bikes as they arrived on the market and there were many that fell short of our expectations. We have scoured the planet to select the best available to bring to them to you. What you see here are simple, well built, robust E-Bikes that represent the cream of the crop. Each one had to earn its way into our hearts and onto this web site.

These are simple and elegant personal transportation solutions that are very practical for today's world.

With is strong 400 or 500 watts motor they allows you to extend your distance compared to a normal bike. They can replace the bus, the metro and even your car for distance that could not be possible with your bike.

Easy to own and maintain all our E-Bikes can be purchased online or from one of our field representatives and shipped right to your door.

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Whats New!
M-500 E-BikeMerida Power Cycle - 500 Gets Top Marks on Value! A new e-bike just got top marks on value in our test center.

Merida is a new brand on the market and first impressions make clear the fact that Merida has checked the products of their competitors carefully, and their construction solutions are a few steps ahead.

The first recharging of the battery gives us an immediately sign that there's something special. The battery and charger are provided with their own ventilators. The electric part of the bike is exemplary, with detector and motor working perfectly. Switching on the switch gives a 'peep' sound. and the indicator shows the current condition of the battery.A small delay in starting the battery is a good idea. The start of any ride is the heaviest phase, and by doing it yourself, the battery saves a lot of energy. The durability of this battery in particular is amazing, with almost 60 km exceeding our wildest expectations.Merida was also provides the best equipment: the carriage has support shafts for side bags, a basket in the front, adjustable stem and comfortable suspension seat post.

The Merida is nice and stable to ride, but a few more centimeters between axles would be appreciated.The Powercycle provides environmentally friendly power assisted transport, taking the effort out of cycling, and putting the fun back in regardless of your age! Hidden inside is the unique smart technology. It instantly calculates the pressure you put on the pedals and gives you twice the power to get you started up to 5 m.p.h, and then eases back to equal your power through to 15 m.p.h There is now even a fully powered option, which will power you along with no effort at all!

Merida are continually developing the bike, working with leading Japanese electronics companies and European stylists.Making the bike is the easy bit, Merida make 1,200,000 top end bikes per year for some of the best brands in the world.The electronics are the key to success. Merida acquired a specialist battery manufacturer to develop the best possible technology. The Powercycle now has an optional Nickel Metal Hydride battery, similar to the technology used in mobile phones.

The independent Finnish magazine Tekniikan Maailma (Technique World) did an indepth examination of the four leading electric bikes. This bike was the winner.

The Merida -500 also won Green Works Best Value Award.

When Eco Wheels test center got our hands on one to test we were equally impressed and awarded a rare Five Star rating to this bike.

A Fun Bike with great technology and an even better price! Well done!

- Single Battery Models

- Two Battery Models

- One Speed Models

- Multi Speed Models

ECO WHEELS TESTING There are many e-bikes that we have tested and they are certainly not all created equal. Here you will find a summary of there specifications and and comments. Where possible we have attached a copy of our review.

If you do not see a review posted yet feel free to call us to get our comments on any paticular make or model. We assemble information not only about teh technology but also about the organisations that are in the industry and how they are performing.

We are very interested in supporting the persuit of excellance in the sustainable transportation field and we would be very interested in hearing any field reports on e-products. If you own an ebike for example, please let us know what your experiace has been.

Only products that have done well in our testing and evaluation process make it into Eco Wheels showrooms. Quality products backed by good customer service...this is our mission and our vision.

We are always looking for quality sustainable transportation solutions and we will bring them to this site as they become available. So bookmark this page or subscribe to our newsletter to stay in touch with what is new in Eco Wheels.

Eco Wheels is all about transportation solutions that are tough - reliable and frugal - for now and the future.

Simple is always best.


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