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Distance Design (Two Battery) Electric Cycles

DISTANCE DESIGNS (two battery models)

These new Distance models are equipped with two batteries give you better performance with longer hours of riding pleasure for 80 to 120 km.

  • All these models come with two12 Ah battries
  • The approximete range from 80-120 Km,
  • They are boosted with a 500 watts motor.
  • Max. Speed range from 25 to 32 km/H.
  • Front and rear "MAG" type wheels are supplied on the models MEGA, RIO II and FLASH II.
  • All are equipped with front and rear headlights and flashers
  • All come with front disk brakes. *
  • Rear shock absorbers reinforced with rear coils springs.
  • A special switch control battery A and B
  • Time to recharge the batteries is six to eight hours.
  • Wheels: Dimension 16”-18”
  • Maximum loading 140 kg

*(Power assist not available on these models.)


Rio II
Flash II


Available Colours

Rio II    
Flash II    

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